The territory

Montevago is a small town in western Sicily in the province of Agrigento, located at 380 m s.l.m. Known for the sulphurous water source that gave rise to the Acqua Pia Baths. The Montevago plateau, a dividing line between western and eastern Sicily, enjoys favorable climatic conditions.

The mild climate tending to dry, without strong changes in temperature that never drops too low below the plateau of Montevago, tempered by the breezes of the Mediterranean Sea favors the cultivation of the olive tree.

The olive groves of the La Rocca farm due to the particular nature of the land and the climate, which suffers the beneficial influences of the sea and the mountains, make it possible to obtain extra virgin olive oils monocultvar (Balàt) or bland (Crimiso) of high quality .

The grounds of the La Rocca farm, where the olive trees are cultivated, are all well drained and exposed to the sun, this is very important because it prevents the stagnation of water due to the humidity that the olive tree does not tolerate.

The particular nature of our clayey-calcareous soil, rich in calcium, allows a healthy and long-lasting cultivation of the olive tree.

The olive trees, in fact, are an arboreal variety whose culture can be really very - very long-lived, but for this to happen there must be two main conditions at the base: a suitable soil and an optimal climate.

Both the soil and climate conditions allow the La Rocca farm to obtain high-quality extra-virgin olive oils such as Balàt and Crimiso.