The Farm

Valorizzazione del territorio e dei suoi prodotti tipici

The fertility and the mild climate of the plateau, above the valley of the Belice river, tempered by the breezes of the nearby Mare Nostrum, favored and favored the cultivation of the most ancient tree of antiquity, encircling our plains with a green crown from which the OIL, in a golden green trickle, flowed and still flows today, to give an ancient connotation to our real flavors.

La Piana Grande and the heights of the Valle del Belice delimiting Montevago (a commune of western Sicily in the province of Agrigento), green of ancient and gnarled olive trees, whose production is one of the peaks of excellence of local crops. On this wide platform that dominates the entire Valle del Belice, stands the La Rocca farm, which covers an area of ​​about 15 hectares, 12 of which cultivated as an olive grove, 3 vineyards.

The farm is composed of centuries-old indigenous olive groves of Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla that stretch between the Magaggiaro woods "Cuore della Macchia Mediterranea" where you can spend relaxing days immersed in nature and rural landscapes of uncontaminated beauty with a strong archaeological characterization. San Nicola district where you can see majestic olive trees grown near the ancient "Conigliere" ie ancient dry stone fence walls and characteristic caves of different sizes and shapes observable by any visitors.

La Rocca farm was born from the passion for olive growing transmitted by his grandfather Domenico to his nephew, who carries his name, today he leads it maintaining quality and tradition that become excellent vocations for the creation of products like Balàt and Crimiso that they manage to combine the satisfaction of the palate with a good way of eating.

The La Rocca farm has as its fundamental objective the enhancement of the territory and its typical products, particularly of high quality extra virgin olive oil that, even today, is made with the same wisdom and passion of the past, altering tradition and modern technologies in order to leave inextricably those values ​​of quality and flavors of the past. The farm La Rocca also has a family oil mill inherited from his grandfather, Domenico La Rocca, who despite the events of January 1968, marked by the tragedy of the earthquake, had the strength and the intuition to immediately rebuild the old "Trappito" , thus allowing all the villagers to continue to extract their own oil and above all not to lose confidence in the future.

Grandfather Domenico concentrated all his efforts on the design and construction of the Oleificio which, for several years, remained the only oil mill in the area. Domenico's efforts were continued energetically by his sons, "Giuseppe and Michele", who, from a simple and temporary plant of boards and plates, literally emergency, have transformed it into a new and very modern oil mill, which works olives from the Valle del Belice, Biancolilla and Nocellara hills - recognized as Doc- in monocultivar or blend. Today this activity is constantly enhanced by the grandchildren who have made the Oleificio La Rocca one of the most important entrepreneurial realities of the Valle del Belice.